Digging up the roots of the "Bruehlmeier" Family of Wettingen

By Arthur Bruehlmeier, Oberrohrdorf (Switzerland)

Published in 2001 in Oberrohrdorf

Translated by David Bruehlmeier, Düdingen (Switzerland)

Corrected by Darlene Gaitan, Gainsville (Texas, USA) and Emilie Zouhar, San Diego (California) (Part 5)



Table of contents

Part 1

How I got hooked / The Bruehl / The Meier of Wettingen / The Bruehlmeier House / The missing Bruehlmeier / The most important sources

Part 2

The beginning of the second and of the first Bruehlmeier-Dynasty / The work on the family tree / "Rothen", "Rebmeister" and "Hoeckler" / "The Members of the Court and the Marian Council"

Part 3

Kaspar Bruehlmeier-Beetschen, the Emigrant

Part 4

Kaspar Bruehlmeier-Meier, Beer Brewer and Theater Player /  Maria Bruehlmeier, child with a particular guardian angel / Emilia Verena Bruehlmeier, the unknown poet / Mathe Leonz Bruehlmeier-Wetzel, the famous politician / Josef Getul Bruehlmeier,  afflict from the fate / Josef Karl Bruehlmeier, the disliked one / Johann Baptist Bruehlmeier-Frei, the poor tailor / Johann Bruehlmeier-Gueller/Suter, the seviour of the gender "Bruehlmeier"

Part 5

Emil Bruehlmeier-Rychner/Tvedt, businessman in California

Part 6

The Insignia of the Bruehlmeier Family

Part 7

The family tree